6 December 2012

Machine Head - Unto The Locust

7th albums. A step that some bands dream of reaching. At one point it did not look like these guys would make it that far. For a few year these titans from the Bay Area in Oakland, California had problems. Many many many oodles of bags of problems.  In fighting, drugs, ovaries being inflamed (true story, was stated in a Q&A interview in Metal Hammer when Rob Flynn torn my mate a new arsehole for asking where they went wrong with the album Supercharger).

But after that they have had a metal rebirth so to speak and gone back to their roots. Their trash metal roots. This being the third album from that resurrection, it was interesting to see if they could continue on that same path without people a) getting bored and b) wishing for a change.

The good thing about some bands is they don't try to fix what works. Look at AC/DC and Motorhead - they may have tried to do other stuff, but they have pretty much been releasing the same sort of album for many a year now which keep the punters happy and everyone come back for more.  This is sort of in that similar vain.  It is very honest trash with marvellous guitar solos such as on... well any of the tracks. "Locust", "Be Still & Know" and any of the tracks are fierce and have the promise of a mosh pit in every note.

With only seven tracks you would think it would be pretty short as well.  No, it is just under 50 minutes. In trash terms that is the correct length. It has the right amount of time to impress and then go before you reach for the skip button.  But what about the outsider to Machine Head - the newbie, the curious or even the partner of the Machine Head fan who listen to this because their beloved has it on.  Well, I am afraid to say that for those people it might be a bit of a lost world. Nothing on here is going to get many new fans outside of those discovering the joys of metal for the first time and there is not enough for the casual fan.  And whilst it is better than their last album The Blackening, it has two dark shadows which it is stuck under. These being "Burn My Eyes" and "Through The Ashes of Empires" - so because of that it does not quite become a great album. But do not think for a minute it is a bad album.  It is a classic trash album that will have horns in the air for a long time to come. But it is a album for the fan club only. As the sign says, Jeans and trainers only.

4 out of Ten -
Well it is alright, but still......

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