2 December 2012

Let's begin at the beginning

So, opening thoughts......

I'm really doing this as I have lots of music going on in my head. Not music I can perform, I have the musical ability of a dead trout - no I love music, listen to it every available moment I have, think of ways I can find more bands and songs, think of lists of CD's I can trade with friends and just got to the point where I wanted to write about the albums I listen to.  Also it might stop people on my Facebook from saying - will you stop making status remarks about the albums your listening to!!! - caring people. ;-)

I'm not going to be a post a day kind of person. I will aim to at least have a few post up here before the end of the year - or 21/12/12 if you believe in another end of the world thing - and will state now I will be doing a yearly album and song of the year.  Will post more about that later, I have a different set of rules to some people.

What I do promise is to be honest about what I listen to. I will not shy away from bands - even one's I really do not like, if someone asks me to listen to something on here I will.  I will also not be posting links to illegal downloads - sorry guys, you can find your own way around that. I will point people in the direction of where they can downloaded or purchase from the bands/singers themselves. Failing that if it is on Spotify, Deezer or out of print - animalypics soundtrack, I am looking at you.

Hopefully someone will read this and start on a musical journey of their own - mine is still going from when one of my friend's older brother let me loss on his cd's and made me a mix tape with Alice In Chains, Alice Cooper, Helloween and others and I have just past 2nd Gen towards who knows where.

Edit -

Will be marking stuff out of 10. Again, a silly boy thing. I would say sorry, but I feel sorry for people that don't do it. :-(

Third Edit - Have had to add a new marking point for something that is beyond markings

0 - This is proof there is no god
1 - You really are touching the bottom of the barrel
2 - If only there was some quality control
3 - Not for everyone but played well
4 - Well it is alright, but still......
5 - It could have been a bit better
6 - Now I see where you were going, but its not quite there
7 - This is good and well worth a check
8 - Oh, now you have my attention and maybe my money, time and heart
9 - Almost perfect....Almost
10 - This is proof there is a god

Crazy Cat symbol - This album cannot be marked, so here is a box of kittens

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