6 December 2012

Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

Ok, when this came out I had very big problems with it. I really really really got annoyed at the amount of NME hype that surrounded this new girl. She was being delivered as the new messiah (and they should know they have followed a few). No matter where you turned, there was Ms Del Rey looking at you with her pout duck face look and being hailed as Buddah if he came back as a cocaine whore.

So naturally it has took me an awful long time to even get close to listen to this to have a real opinion. I had to wait for the hype to calm down, then I could listen to it as a piece of music/art and not as a selling device for the hipster generation who to be quite frank could all fit in one of their eco-friendly fita's and drive off a cliff for all I care.

Musically this album follows a lot of the same time signatures, it is not a very energetic album. Whilst walking to where I live I listened to this album on the way home, the roads and paths were icy so the speed of the music was the correct pace.  But it is something you have on in the background from a night out in clubs, a relaxing chill with you partner and friends. It is not a parent friendly album, which is a good thing I feel.  It is crass without have to go to the gutter.  Songs like "National Anthem" and "Off To The Races" are just a diary of a party girl reflecting on the past glories of the weekend. The title track is just a mountain of a song, so full of vigour, dry humor and spite that it almost makes up for all the snipets that made me wanna drive pencils in my ears in Janurary, and together with "Summertime Madness" have made me fall under the spell of Ms Del Rey a little bit.

However, I do have a few things about this album which do not make it a perfect debut. The pace would have been better if it varied..... at all..... ever. The only way I could tell if she was not in a coma was where her vocals reached for higher notes.  And for the the productions and styling , I have a feeling that Ms Del Rey will end up a bit like the Emporer's New Clothes and slightly see-through.

For what it is, it is a nice slice of almost retro pop in places which needed a slight bit of energy to get people awake. To all the come-down stoners out there - put this on in the background when you are coming for landing, and for the rest of us we will see where Lana's carrer goes from here. The next shake of the dice can either make her the new Amy Winehouse or the next Duffy.....

4.5 out of ten - In it's own field I think this is ok - but not for me

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