21 December 2012

Koop - Koop Islands

Until yesterday I had not heard of these guys, they had not even touched my radar, deep space probes or any other form of musical searching devices.  From Uppsala , Sweden - this is trio of very strange individuals have crafted together 3 albums (of which this is the third) and a best of compilation and have been in downtime since 2010.  Musically, it is very strange - but everything that comes out of Sweden is always interesting to say the very least.

Now, I like my crazy music - even though Mr Zappa's Civilisation Phaze III got the Batman symbol as it's scoring mark, it was a fantastic record for me.  Koop are on a different sort of crazy though.  Coming from the Nordic end of the world you would expect some of that to be in the music slightly.  No, on this album it is almost as if I had stepped into a Salsa club where the drink are free.  Honestly, it sort of has an almost Caribbean theme about it, especially on "I See A Different You", "The Moonbouce" & "Let's Elope". Opening track "Koop Island Blues" has featured on a few video games and TV shows apparently (again, totally missed that).

For this sort of music you either have to be a fan of the Salsa/Jazz combo to even get close to it.  If your not you will feel frustrated and like time is going backwards.  For me, I am in the later camp.  Upon hearing "Koop Island Blues" it made me want to hear the rest of their work - upon hearing the rest of their work I am not really sure what these guys were trying to do.  "Beyond The Son" with it's flow passing and made talking about a letter he is composing in response to a letter he has received - but the repetitive drum and bass in the background make me want to turn off the album so badly, I was almost relieved once it had finished till I realised there was more.

Whilst this is not a work I would want to return to, I cannot say it is without it's own pieces of praise.  It is well played for what it is worth and it did try to make this cold dark North East England room a little sunnier in December.  But it is not the sort of thing I would recommend to anyone who isn't a hipster.  Music for the posing generation - Yes Jim, but not as we know it.  Sometimes even crazy should be left off the radar.

1.5 out of 10 - You really are touching the bottom of the barrel

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