15 December 2012

Jurassic 5 - Jurassic 5

A name I have heard many many times, but until today had not even listened to.  Released in 1998, this is basically the bands first ep with some extra tracks.  This 6 piece released released four albums in total till 2007 when they split up after with the usual artist disagreement line.

As far as rap goes, it is is very much of it's time.  Now this is not saying that it is dated, it is just got that 90's vibe which is no longer around in the releases of today.  I do miss that feel so this is already a comfortable release for me.  Also, whilst they are obviously bragging as rappers do, they are not going along the "muthafuckingbitchhoesugargunclickclicksuckmydick" way of things.  There is more cunning clever lyrical rhyming going on here.  "Action Satisfaction" has some of the best beats and lyrics I have heard for a long time - pity it was released so many years ago and I have not heard it properly. Also "Lesson 6:The Lecture" is a beautiful assemble of many tunes and samples.  If you want to be a DJ, listen to this and try to figure out what is going on. It is brilliant, and the stand out track "Without A Doubt" could easily have some of the new king of rap wishing they had came out with that template.

For once I cannot think of anything to badly say about this, just over 35 minutes it is of a perfect length.  If this album was released today it would probably have vanished without a trace, thankfully it was an album that came out at the right time.  So it seems a little tame compared to other rap, it does not make it any less brutal.  If you want to see how it used to be done, you could not do much better than checking these guys out.  Sometime I wish I had gotten into bands sooner, this is another one of those cases....

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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