21 December 2012

Jessie Ware - Devotion

Another request for this one - from the same person who asked for me to listen to Nicki Manj. So as you can expect I am preparing myself for a little bit of a fall here. This is the debut album from Jessie Ware, an singer from the UK who had previously had success with SBTRKT, Joker, Katy B and Sampha.  This has been given lots of praise and in the recent HMV Poll of Polls (a poll which complies all the "big" music magazines polls to give an overall winner of the year) this album came in 6th.  For a debut it is quite a feat, but is it any good?

Now unlike most other reviews on here I have listened to this one for a bit longer, because my first reaction was incredible positive.  Not the sort of positive that says "Oh I know your the Messiah, I should as I have followed a few", but was not expecting to have the reaction that come.  Sometimes it feels like there is no much going on, but it all sorts of loops into one.  The songs are of a similar tempo - on the slow and more for swaying then for moshing.  To coin a phrase, this is a very good come down album after a night partying.

Stand out tracks "Running" "Still Love Me" and "Swan Song" are well crafted piece of pop which remind me of when I thought Massive Attack were the best thing ever.  Not all of the album works for me though, the title track is a bit of a mess with too much going on for change compared to the rest of the album, "Sweet Talk" also suffers from the same thing - it is almost as if her quieter moments are where she flies higher and somehow the album feels just a little bit too long in places when with a little bit of editing magic, it would have almost perfect. 

As a debut it is well crafted, in places mesmerising and also trying to bite off more than it can chew.  Which is a good sign as it means that the artist has ambition, a drive and will hopefully this will make the second album when it drops amazing.  This is someone to watch, and whilst this is by no means the finished product it is a good sign post of what should be to come.

6.5 out of ten - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

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