8 December 2012

Architecture In Hellsinki - In Case We Die

It appears as if it is officially request weekend, with not just one but two coming from the same fella! So if they suck it is his fault ;-).  This is the second album from Australian indie pop mavericks In Case We Die. Now from the get-go I will like to say I have never even heard of these guys until this morning when I read the message.  Sometimes bands can pass you by if your not reading the NM-PE-E, Ker-ap or other popular musical press publications - or if your friends don't tell you about a band.  So with that slightly comical huff, I prepare myself for the unknown.

Indie pop has been a sort of a growing genre over the last decade or so. Main players (for me at least) are Arcade Fire and Vampire Weekend, then there is some that people may not have heard of - Little Comets, Polyphonic Spree and the late Bubble Project.  This motley crew from the land down under are now a new addition to that crowd in my musical map. 

The word cult band comes to my head when listening to these guys, which is a bit unfair as it sort of marginalise them. There is a lot of stuff going on here at the same time - lead by Mr C Bird, he talks the listener on a trip of 40 minutes of sugary and sweet almost beach music with a bass section and keyboard swirling in and out of the vortex of sound.  Opening track "Neverevereverdid" sounds like the beginning of a sci-fi horror movie from the 40's, "Wishbone" is just a shout along about the beginning of relationships and the amazing "It'5!" which talks about talking to strangers and the man who wishes to impress you.  Some of it does not work for me, such as on "Tiny Paintings" and "Need To Shoot" - but they work on the album.

It is a joyful little album that will make people either fall for it's sickly sweet international pop, or it will have the dark souled ghouls of the night running away from it like it was a crucifix in the hands of Peter Cushing.  I can see why this would be a marmite album for people (and for those Australian cousins out there - Vegemite).  You will tell by the second track if you love it or not with a passion.  For me it was a feeling of love and I will now go to berate my friend for not showing them to me earlier.  Approach with caution, and when you love them, shout about them!

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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You can also listen to on Spotify here

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