5 December 2012

Future of The Left - Last Night I Saved Her From Vampires

Really should have done this yesterday but as the opening track goes "Best Laid Plans"..... This is the second album (and so far only live record) by Future of The Left. Release between their first two albums it mostly focuses  on the album Curses, with a smattering of tracks from various EP's and singles. It was recorded in Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach and London Water Rats in August 2008 so as to get the best tracks from the two nights.

As live albums go, it is a very good recording of a warts and all gigs.  The fact that they sound manages to go tits up on the opening track is brilliant, also the stage banter is amusing which had various ladies of leisure giving me weird looks which I was listening to this on the way to work.  Tracks such as "Fuck The Country Alliance", "Fingers Become Thumbs", "V.D.F.A." and the 10 minute plus ending tack "Cloak The Dagger" sound as if they would have been very good fun to jump around to and be in the crowd at one of the gig.

But as is the curse of the live album, sometimes you have to have been there. Not as in it is essential that you were at those gigs and they were the best shows ever, just that outside of those rooms with the band giving it hell for leather and the crowd lapping it up, you feel like an outsider looking in. But if you have seem the band you may feel differently - it may remind you of when you saw them in tear up a venue near you or a festival you went to.  I do have to say it is one of the better live recordings I have heard of band this year, it is actually better than some studio records I have heard of bands, but outside of FoTL's fan base this is not an essential purchase.  I would point you towards getting Curses and their follow up album Travelling With Myself & Another before listening to this, also maybe checking them out at a gig. Not that this is an awful record, just you might wanna hear their other stuff first.

3 out of ten - Not for everyone but played well

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