8 December 2012

Elton John - Caribou

OK, the cat is out of the bag! I have a love of the musical works of Reginald Kenneth Dwight.  He is one of the biggest diva's ever but he can write a clever little tune and thankfully he leaves most of the lyrics to Bernie Taupin as he has the same ability to lyrics as David Cameron (UK Prime Minister) has to being a caring human being. It's just not there!

From 1974 this piece of pop was his 3rd UK number 1 album and his fourth in America.  It spawned the hit single "Don't Let The Sun Comes Down On Me" which was later covered by Roger Daltery for the Lost Boys OST and he did a live duet which was released as a charity single and it gave them another UK number 1 single. 

Listening to this album in 2012 is a little strange in someways.  Not that I was around when it was first released, but it is very much of it's period.  It does not have the poor production flares of his 80's work or the let down of some of his 90's material.  Also you can also still hear the guitar work which was so important to his early sound as much as the piano work of the man himself.

The tracks which stand out are "Grimsby", an ode to a seaside town in the UK, opening track "The Bitch Is Back" in which he claimed to be sober (stop laughing at the back there), "Ticking" is a classic piano led number and the aforementioned "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me".  The original ten tracks are just a perfect slice of what made Elton John so popular in the 70's, before he started to head down the road of self destruction which almost collected on his drugs and bar tabs.

The re-releases have four more tracks which don't really add or detract from the album..  There is his version of "Pinball Wizard", "Sick City", "Cold Highway" and "Stepping Into Christmas" all of which are nice enough but don't add to the work.

So this is proof that Elton once had it all, he tried his best to piss it away and very nearly accomplished his goal.  But thankfully he has made amends since with projects like The Union and Peachtree Road.  He may not be bothering the charts now, but when he was, it was for a very very good reason.

7.5 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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