3 December 2012

Descendents - Everything Sucks

Today seems to be just a lot of short punky albums. Well, end of year listening is taking up a bit of my time and now onto an album that I have been meaning to listen to for far, far, far, far too long.  Even if your not the biggest punk fan, there is a fair chance you would have at least seen the cover of this album on the wall of some rock nightclub or bar. 

Coming from the Epitaph label, you gonna pretty much know what your going to get before the title track has even began. Short bouncy punk with a sense of humour, style and sometimes a good message or two.  This was their first album back together after a wait of 9 years.  So, here is the big question - was the wait back then (and for me now) worth it. Well, yes and no - but bear with me on this one.

For what this is, it is a very clever little album with 15 track of bounce and that American punk which was really really good before certain bands who will remain nameless went ahead and made it into polished turds. I love "Coffee Mug", "Doghouse" is just a smash stomp tune that should cause a mosh pit within seconds of coming on, "This Place" is something I can imagine that will be shouted by lots of angry teenagers (and a few adult) for many moons, days or what picture reference you wish to name.

But it sort of stays in one gear, and with 15 tracks there is a few filler (and this album only lasts 30 minutes).  Whilst listening to it, it went onto the first track again, and was only when "I'm The One" came on did I realise that it had done that. Now it was no because I had to hear it again, it just sort of drifted into one wall (but a very good wall) of punk background.

So, would I recommend this to anyone. Yes, it has it's place and I know a few people who use this sort of stuff as gospel.

Will I be listening to it again. Maybe, but not something I will rush for - but not in a bad way.

6.5 out of 10 - Now I see where you were going, but not quite there

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