15 December 2012

Def Con One - Warface

For me, these guys have been around for years - since 1998 to be exact - and this album is their official debut album.  They have been on the live circuit for many moons, but with other band commitments they just never released much.  With the title and cover art, you are left with little doubt that you are about to be listening to some seriously heavy metal - come on, not as if it is going to be an album of heart felt ballads and song about a lovely horse, is it.....

Now I am in a little bit of a weird place here - I do know a few members of the band, at least in passing.  So the thing I have to do here is be fair, and also not blow smoke up their arses if they do not deserve it.  Well, no really pressure there then. ;-)

Firstly I will go for the production - they have got this spot on, very crisp and of a high quality.  No one instrument has total control of the whole album.  Each player gets their own time to shine.  Whilst they are not reinventing the wheel here, they are playing some brutal metal on this album.  When you listen to the album, you can hear their influences very clearly.  Yet is this a band thing?  Sometimes band work because they sound like 'X' band.  These guys do that and have their own stamp on it as well. A very hard balancing act to do.

For me the stand out tracks are the stomping "Blood", the slow groove on "Hit List" is a medium paced burning of a track which a killer hook, "Hold On" is also another grower as is the title track of the album, but for me the gem here is "In Death".  There is moments which don't work as well for me, such as "Feeling Cold" but that is just me, when it comes to metal like this I like to to be heavy all the way through.  So what is my overall impression.

Overall I like this, I like it a lot.  Some of these songs have been going for a long while and it is a very strong debut album.  I hoping that this takes them onto bigger things, which has been happening with their various appearance in metal festivals up and down the country.  They (and the rest of us) will have to wait and see how the cards fall and other such things.  For me though, once this festive season is over I reckon I will be purchasing Warface.   So hopefully not too much smoke - might have to give all reviewing of albums from people I know to guest bloggers, this is too stressful. ;-)

7.5 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

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You can listen to on Spotify here

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