12 December 2012

Crashland - Glued

So not a retro feel about this at all (OK it is 12 years old, but it does not feel like it was from the 70's at least).  Another request which is to be listened to - and this time it is not anywhere near the blues, but is still a guitar band. I promise I will review something with keyboards soon......

Formed in 1996, not too sure how many releases these guys have had or if this was the only release.  Now if this was a child's snack it would have a health warning to advise parents and guardians that the sugar content of this album is libel to make there children go crazy and run around like a firework has been placed up their bottoms.  Coming from the same sort of musical field as Ash, Weezer and Son of Dork - there is nothing amazing challenging here. 

It is a indie pop album which goes through the motions and has some catchy little numbers ("Standard Love Affair" and "Lemonade" being the stand out moments) but it is just like the school discos of old.  Back in the day if this was playing in the background when you were younger it will be a lovely memory.  But for me, it is is like a psycho-holiday sugar rush of an album.  Not for me I am afraid, it is bouncy and might have done really well, but it is just one food colouring too much for me.  Approach with caution, and possible with bags of candy.

4 out of 10 - In it's own field I think this is OK - but not for me

You can purchase from here

You can listen to most of it on Dezzer (sort of like Spotify)

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  1. Well as you know I'm a bit of a kid. I like it. My favourite tunes are Submission and Modern Animal. Thanks for your thoughts!


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