30 December 2012

Conan - Monnos

I really should keep my big mouth shut.  I really really really should stop saying, OK I will listen to x,y & z.  If only for my sanity.  But then again, life would not be as fun. So enough of the moaning and onto this very strange release.  This band were born on the banks of the Mersey in Liverpool, and have fuck all to do with the Beatles.  Sabbath and Amplifier worship is their gods and they have it all on show.

Now the only reason I listened to these guys is one of the forums I go to - The Damnation Festival - was doing their end of year run down and people were putting their suggestions in , with one of the lads saying & I quote - Criminal lack of love for the Conan album on this forum - which sounded like a challenge in my eyes.  So I went to listen to the album on Spotify, expecting to be slightly judgemental and to say "it's alright".

Oh my deity - who's existence I sometimes doubt! This is too late for this years polls, but it would have been right up there with the best of them.  How did this one slip by! Basically, what you have hear is a very bass heavy, Sabbath/St Vitus worship group who have took it to the next level.  6 tracks long, just a shade under 40 minutes and it does rest - no ballads, no heart felt tender moments, no 80 million note guitar solos. Just doom, sludge, stoner metal which will have every one of those groups in metal heaven looking at the pretty colours which come through their mind.

Now this is obviously not for everyone - I cannot see many Rhianna fans rushing out to purchase this, but it is not meant for them.  It is meant for the select group of people who want to loss their hearing for an hour or so, it is for the people who do not want to conform to the agenda which is handed out at the beginning of rock school.  These guys are not in it for the radio time or magazine covers of the popular press, they are in it for the music which is second to none in this field. 

I really do think if I had heard of this earlier, Blacklister might have had some harder competition. As it is, I have an early candidate for album of the year 2013 (albeit being released in 2012).  If this is your cup of pish, check it out now. You will not be disappointed.  And the next time I moan about my work load I will put this on to remind myself that I do this for the love of finding new stuff and rediscovering old stuff.  Thank you Conan, restored my musical faith in ways I could never have known.

10 out of 10 - This is proof there is a God

You can buy from here for a lot

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You can listen to on Spotify on here

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