11 December 2012

Black Spiders - Sons Of The North

In the UK, some of the locals feel like the world owes them as they invented some of the most popular pastimes - football, rugby, cricket - and some bands think the same about rock and that it was invented in the UK. Personally I don't see it that way and I feel it is a truly international gift.  So when I say I come from the UK, it is sometimes with a bit of trepidation that I listen to albums from band from my own country.

Coming out of the Yorkshire city of Sheffield this band lays it's cards on the table very early with the song "KISS Tried To Kill Me" and "Stay Down".  They are cut from the same cloth as The Answer, Dragonforce, AC/DC, Motorhead and others - good honest rock (or meat and veg rock as one of my mates says) which does not stray from a formula handed down from band to band.

You cannot fault the playing here, it is obviously played by people who love what they do and would not want to change a since note of it.  But this is not the biggest issue here, the biggest issue here is that there is here is quite simple - it is not very good.  The lyrics are so stuck in the past - check out "Just Like A Woman" and "Medusa's Eyes". Also the earlier bands I mentioned (some of which I have not time for) all play better than Black Spiders.  In fact there is many of this type of band who outplay these guys.

Many a Saturday night must have been put into these songs, but in the light of day they just do not stand up.  For a formula that has been tried and tested and is so easy to use, they just seem to add all the wrong ingredients and come out with a record so poor that it just fails on so many levels it can only be described as awful.  So if hearing the same old thing again is you cup of tea, this might be for you. The rest of us will be over here.....

1 out of 10 - You really are touching the bottom of the barrel

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