11 December 2012

Amen - We Have Come For Your Parents

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First up from 2000 is Amen came with this little album.  Officially it is their second album, but there was some people the self titled first release on Roadrunner Records.  So some times history is a little strange with this band, fact and fiction tend to get mixed into one big melting pot and the results is a band that tended to live up to the singer's surname name and not in a good way - Chaos.

Opening like a hand grenade with "CK Killer", the band continue to take no prisoners as they rattle through "Refuse Amen", "Justified", "The Price of Reality" and is is just anthem for the down trodden youth after anthem for the cynical youth.  "Dead on The Bible" is like a thousand song that came before hand and a million songs that came afterwards, just as "The Waiting 18" and "Too Hard To Be Free".  It is a feral, wild angry and just merciless in it's relentless stomp towards the end of the record.

To come back to this after a long time is like going back to one of your old dives that you went to in your youth.  The fixtures are all the same, the fittings have not really been mended and it seems so familiar.  But has age and time improved it.  Well, the production by Ross Robinson (who seemed to be producing all the metal/punk albums of the time) suits this band perfectly, but it is of it's time.  The energy of the band has been captured to a certain extent, but it was nothing compared to how they were live - at times you did not know if they would get to the end of the shows.  Also looking back it does feel like a teenage anthem slogan fest on some of the lyrics.  It tries to be so angry it sometimes comes across a little like the Tazmanian Devil in the Looney Toons cartoons, lots of energy without really getting anywhere. 

It has not grown too well in someways, but I don't think it is meant to grow like certain albums.  It is meant for the angry youth, for the people who just want to break things and make the mosh pit a more interesting place in the old school punk way.  It is an album that doesn't make any excuses, waves it's flag high (as put on as it may have been in places) and does not give a damn what anyone thinks about it.  For all it's flaws and fashionable (at the time of it's release) leanings, it is still a hidden gem of an album.  Revisited with care and discover with angry joy if you are wanting some new shouting material for the inner youth.

7 out of ten - This is good and well worth a check

You can purchase from here

This album is not on Spotify, but some of their other stuff is

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